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The Consultant

Brian Ambler is an experienced retailer with over 30 years industry experience, covering all aspects of running a successful retail business from the planning to implementation. He has acquired this experience as founder and owner of a multi store business and working for one of Australiaís leading retail groups. This experience is now being used in a consulting capacity where Brian has been reviewing and developing retail business processes for independent retailers, working with shopping centres and as a sought-after trainer and facilitator for the ARA Retail Institute and other organisations.


Business Experience

In 1975 he opened a womenís clothing store called Brown Sugar, named after the Rolling Stones song and built the business into a 20-store chain employing over 100 staff.

Originally the business bought from wholesale labels but as the market evolved, Brian established a manufacturing division, which successfully built the Brown Sugar label.

Staff were well trained, encouraged to make decisions, promoted from within and a strong culture built on respect, team work and fun was evident throughout the business.

In 1995 Associated Retailers purchased the business and Brian remained involved for a further 11 years as General Manager. The stores expanded into Western Australia and NSW and the number of stores grew to over 30.

His vision and skill enabled Brown Sugar to become a well-known and respected retail brand.

In 2006 Brian launched a wholesale label for Associated Retailers and met with many small retailers. It became evident to him that independent retailers required someone with specific retail industry knowledge rather than a financial advisor to overcome the challenges they faced in a competitive retail market.

Brianís passion for retail, knowledge and experience lead to the establishment of Point Retail Consulting & Training.


  • Strategic Planning

  • Know your target market

  • Product Offer

  • Financial Planning

  • Marketing Plan

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Customer Service

Retail Services
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